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The effective management of physical and infrastructure assets contributes significantly to the bottom line of company finances. Maintenance and repair are often to be preferred over replacement and disposal, yet in many instances access to appropriate services are not readily available.

With Doolee supplying a professional and worry-free asset management service to mining and resources companies, utilities, industrial operations and agricultural enterprises, these customers are now able to realise and maximise returns from the full value inherent in their existing assets.

This service assists clients in the care of long-life, high-value assets, advising on asset condition and undertaking appraisals as to the suitability of repair, refurbishment, replacement or disposal. Where appropriate, remediation works are undertaken to extend the effective operation and maintenance of company assets.


Doolee works with clients to maximise returns from high value assets with professional and worry-free asset management. The company’s specialist engineers will advise clients on asset condition and undertake appraisals as to the suitability of repair, refurbishment or disposal.

Offering expert advice, full asset protection, building refurbishment and infrastructure maintenance, Doolee provides the full suite of remediation strategies, including:

  • Asset maintenance
  • Concrete repair, patching & crack injection
  • Facade & cladding repair
  • Shotcrete/gunite spraying
  • Cathodic protection
  • Abrasive blasting & painting
  • High performance coatings
  • Precision grouting
  • Joint sealing
  • Flooring & bund systems